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EuroMillions - Eurolottery News

MegaMillions $321 million

Jackpot in USA MegaMillions climbs to unbelievable $321 million

I think that nobody wouldn´t consider, if someone offers him so big sum of money. $321 million – can you imagine that? You don´t need to dream, you would get everything, you ever wanted. So don´t wait a minute and play MegaMillions now. This chance shouldn´t repeat again!

The next sortation will be realized on Tuesday the 4th of November. You can buy tickets right now – HERE  It´s very easy. You just need to register, log in and finally you can begin buying tickets for MegaMillions. The more tickets you buy, the better your chance to win! So don´t wait a minute.

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EuroMillions Superdraw Hits 190 Million Jackpot Cap

Dear players, it´s here. EuroMillionsSuperdraw Jackpot has climbed to unbelievable €190 million. The long-awaited draw will be realized on this Friday. Don´t miss such an opportunity. Just imagine what all you could buy for a sight of money like that. Your dreams can come true already this Friday. Just imagine – new house, car, boat, villa on the beach,…no work for you and your children for life.

Just choose five numbers out of the ordinary range of 1-50 and two numbers of the ordinary range 1-10. You only need to guess this seven numbers and the Jackpot is in your hands. Don´t wait even a minute longer and click PLAY!

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New Lottery added: EuroJackpot

Eurojackpot is a new transnational European Lottery, with its first draw on 23 March 2012, which will run weekly on a Friday. Participating countries are (in alphabetical order) Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden.

The jackpot will start at 10,000,000 Euros and can roll over up to 90,000,000 Euros. The chances to win the jackpot are: 1:59,325,280. Players must choose 5 numbers out of 50, with an additional 2 bonus numbers out of 8. The organisers already expect about 50 million players a week and certainly expect many of those to be coming from PlayHugeLottos.

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Published: 03/19/2012

Play today at an incredible jackpot Powerball lottery in the U.S..

Played by an amazing $ 146 million

Live the American dream at PlayUSAlotteries.com

Published: 01/28/2012

New Powerball Lottery Format

Currently one of the most popular lotteries in the world, the USA Powerball lottery may be getting even popular with the revised Powerball format effective the 15th January 2012. Lottery players can now expect:

1) Bigger Jackpots – The starting jackpot climbs from $20 million up to $40 million
2) Bigger 2nd tier prize – The prize for matching 5 balls climbs from $200,000 up to $1 million
3) Better Odds – With the reduction in the number of Powerballs (from 39 to 35) the odds will get better. Improving to a 1 in 31.8 chance of winning a prize.

Powerball Changes Are Good News

This is good news for lottery affiliates as it means even greater interest in this very popular American lottery. Players can currently purchase Powerball lottery tickets using one of the many play options available on PlayHugeLottos.com, including amongst others:

• The Big 5 Bundle
• Super 7 Bundle
• Standard Bundle
• Quick Pick options
• Lottery Wheeling (Extra Number play option)
• Or if they are feeling generous they can even purchase a Powerball lottery ticket for a loved one via the Gift voucher option.

The Powerball lottery, along with the Mega Millions lottery, is a multi-state USA lottery famous for its ridiculously high jackpots. The Powerball itself boasts the 3rd highest jackpot ever won in the world.

Promote The New Powerball Lottery Format

The first draw to feature the new format will occur on the 18th January 2012 and the PlayHugeLottos.com play page will automatically update to reflect the new entry format.

Live the American dream at PlayUSAlotteries.com

Published: 01/11/2012

Mega-Sena available

* Mega-Sena is the biggest lottery in Brazil

* Draws happen twice weekly - on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

* To win the jackpot players need to match 6 balls from a possible 60

* As of going to press, the current Mega-Sena jackpot is sitting at over $3 million US Dollars.

As a special extra, all registered players who signed up before 1st July 2011 will receive 1 Free Mega-Sena voucher in their account.

Play MegaSena

Published: 06/05/2011

New Euromillions Tuesday Draw !!!

Euromillions, one of the most popular lotteries in the world has now added a new Tuesday draw to their format!

What does this change to the Euromillions mean?

Instead of being played just once a week on Fridays, the Euromillions will now have a Tuesday draw. This means that the Euromillions will be played TWICE a week. With the extra draw per week will come a greater opportunity to win some of the biggest jackpots available in Europe!

What else has changed with Euromillions?

Not only will there be a Euromillions Tuesday draw added but the lottery organisers will also be adding a thirteenth prize tier (match 2 numbers and win a prize). In addition, the number of Lucky Star numbers will be increased from 9 to 11.

Based on these changes, the odds of winning a prize will increase from 1 in 24 to 1 in 13. Amounting to a change in the total amount of prizes handed out each week, from 1.9 million to 4.6 million!

When will the Euromillions Tuesday draw begin?

The new Euromillions Tuesday draw format will kick-off on Tuesday 10th May 2011. With tickets becoming available from the 7th May 2011

Is there anything special planned for the first Tuesday Euromillions draw?

As if adding an extra prize tier and draw day was not enough the Euromillions organizers will be celebrating the launch of the first Tuesday Euromillions draw with a staggering €100,000,000 Jackpot!

And as we all know, players chase jackpot sizes so the mouth watering €100,000,000 Jackpot on the 10th May 2011 is sure to get the punters playing!

Euromillions Superdraw May 2011

Published: 04/28/2011

France Loto available

PlayHugeLottos has launched ticket purchasing services for another brand new lottery this month!

The new lottery on offer is a European lottery, the French National Lottery, know locally as 'Loto Francaise' or the 'France Loto'!

PlayHugeLottos is giving away 1 free Lottery ticket to the France Loto to all your existing, registered players to help promote this new lottery! This ticket has already been added to all of their accounts and is ready to be used!

Play FranceLoto

Published: 04/06/2011


It's official! The 2011 version of the HUGELY popular Monaco F1 GP competition has launched. Up for grabs is an unmissable prize worth over 20,000 Euro!

This incredible prize is an annual feature at PlayHugeLottos.com and sees entries grow every year! The prize includes flights, accommodation, spending money and (above all) prime seats for the race weekend!

This year's competition will be the 6th running and previous winners will be the first to tell you that no other prize compares. Even those who aren't quite racing fans agree that Monaco at this time of the year is like no other experience in life!

1) Click on the "Enter Today" button below, and login.This accepts the terms & conditions.
2) Deposit a minimum of £40/€50 or $60 into your playcredit account before the 13th of May 2011.
3) Every £10 thereafter, gains your player another entry into this fantastic competition.

Monaco Grand Prix 2011

Published: 03/23/2011


PlayHugeLottos.com is giving you the chance to win 2 VIP Cricket World Cup Final tickets, in Mumbai on the 2nd April 2011.

There are TWO packages to be won, both include 2 VIP tickets, 5* Hotel accommodation and return flights.

Purchase three entries for any of our lotteries on PlayHugeLottos.com in a single transaction between now and midnight on the 18th of March 2011
Deposit £10 / €11 / $15 into your PlayCredit account between now and midnight on the 18th of March 2011 Each time you perform one of the above actions, you will gain an entry. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL...

You will gain a further entry for every friend you refer via our Tell-a-friend system You will gain double entries if you pay via NETELLER, Moneybookers or Ukash.

Winners will be announced on the 22nd March 2011.

And bear in mind, not only can you win VIP tickets to the Cricket World Cup Final you also stand a chance of winning any of our massive JACKPOTS we have on offer. There simply isn't any time to waste.

Good luck!

Win 2 sets of VIP tickets to the Cricket World Cup

Published: 02/15/2011

February Fever - Double winnings for all players

PlayHugeLottos.com are offering another fantastic promotion this month to all of their loyal online lottery players entitled: FEBRUARY FEVER!

The lottery ticket provider is doubling winnings across all lotteries for the month of February (Excluding Jackpot, second tier and promotional winnings).

That's right. Every time a player strikes it lucky this February, PlayHugeLottos.com will double their winning amount. What better reason could there be to play your favourite numbers?

Please note that this promotion will run for all draws that take place within the calendar month of February 2011. Tickets purchased in February for draws that take place later than the 28th of February will not be included in this promotion.

Doubled winnings will be placed into player's accounts within 24 hours after the win and a log of the player's good fortune will be placed in their Notifications area.

FEBRUARY FEVER - Double your winnings!

Published: 02/08/2011

SuperLotto Plus

PlayHugeLottos.com have gotten February off to a fantastic start by launching ticket purchasing services for another GIANT lottery.

The new lottery on offer is another American lottery, the SuperLotto Plus (The Californian lottery) offering a minimum of $7 million USD Jackpot size (highest jackpot to date has been $193 million USD)!

The SuperLotto Plus:

SuperLotto Plus is a California lottery played in the style of Mega Millions every Wednesday and Saturday. Five main winning numbers are selected from a set of 47 balls, along with a "Mega number," which is chosen from a separate set of 27 balls. The current 47/27 game began in 2000.

How this lottery works:

In order to win the SuperLotto Plus jackpot, customers need to correctly select 5 numbers from 1 to 47 and the MEGA number from 1 to 27. The jackpot prize is paid in 26 annual payments or a player may choose the Cash Value payment in one lump sum. The cash value option is an estimated value between 50% and 60% of the SuperLotto Plus jackpot.

When to play the SuperLotto Plus:

Lotto draws take place twice weekly, every Wednesday and Saturday.

Play SuperLotto Plus

Published: 02/02/2011


Don't forget about the $96,000,000 USD Powerball jackpot tomorrow night! It is currently our biggest jackpot available! And here is wishing all of you a fantastic and prosperous 2011!

Published: 01/18/2011

El Gordo lottery now available to players!

PlayHugeLottos.com has kicked the New Year off with a bang by adding another AMAZING lottery to their current offers.

The weekly El Gordo lottery (Gordo de la Primitiva) is a Spanish 5/54 + 1 lottery. Players need to choose 5 numbers out of 54 and 1 extra ball from 0 - 9 to win the jackpot.

The draw for this Spanish lottery takes place once a week on Sundays at 1pm Central European Time (CET) and players can purchase tickets for 3.10 GBP, 3.50 EUR or $5.00 USD.

El Gordo jackpots start at a 5 million Euros minimum and will rollover if not won! The highest jackpot won to date was 25 million Euros.

To promote the new arrival of El Gordo all your players have been given one free voucher to test it out!

Published: 01/12/2011

The world’s Biggest Lottery is Here! €2.3 BILLION El Gordo takes place on 22nd December 2010

Join Now

If you are already subscribing to a Spanish Superdraw syndicate then you will be automatically entered into the El Gordo draw on 22nd December 2010.

Even if you are already subscribing, why not add another El Gordo syndicate to increase your chances of landing a massive lottery win even more!

Syndicate Spaces are selling fast! Don't miss out on YOUR SHARE.

Our ingenious system uses 10 different number combinations called “Decimos” to guarantee you’ll win your share of between 1 and 70 cash prizes.

We have used this system for the last 2 years and if you have played before then you’ll already know that EVERY syndicate won, Every player won a share.

Millions of Prizes must be won!

number 1 195 jackpots of €3 Million each
number 2 195 second jackpots of €1 Million each
345,390 sixth prizes of €1,000 each
2,600,300 (2.6 Million) individual cash prizes
Plus many more...

Published: 11/18/2010

Don’t miss out!

On Friday 12th November the EuroMillions Jackpot of £13 Million will be massively boosted by an EXTRA 10 guaranteed prizes of £1 Million in the UK Millionaire Raffle.

Each e-lottery syndicate will share 36 chances to win the £13 Million jackpot PLUS an amazing 360 chances to win a share of an extra £1 Million.

That’s right... For this week only all e-lottery syndicate members will share an incredible 360 entries into the Millionaire Raffle.

Published: 11/10/2010

Do you want a GUARANTEED share of €84 Million?

Less than 5 days to go!

Even if you're already playing, why not add another syndicate to boost your winning chances even more!

You can’t play the Spanish Superdraws at your local newsagents... But you can HERE with us.

There are thousands of prizes on offer meaning you could be SIGNIFICANTLY better off!

These games are really popular every time, and they usually sell out. We will not have spaces available for long, so make sure you get in now!

Hurry! The deadline for this draw is 8am GMT on Saturday 6th Nov. 2010

Published: 11/02/2010

It’s a Massive £13 Million Double Rollover this week

Even if you're already playing, why not add another syndicate to boost your winning chances even more!

Simply login to your 'Back Office' website and select

'My Details' then 'Syndicate Subscription' to choose your Lucky Numbers, or add another syndicate
Don't Miss Out...

You’ll receive a share of all the winnings from:
* 44 single-line entries on a Wednesday
* 44 single-line entries on a Saturday

That’s a share of 88 Lotto entries for just £5.

That’s just £2.50 per draw.

Hurry! The deadlines for the UK Lotto draw are 6pm BST on a Wednesday and 6pm BST on Saturday.

Published: 10/22/2010

Join Now

El Gordo is now in full swing
El Gordo is now in full swing and syndicate places are selling even faster than last year! If you are already playing in a Spanish Superdraw Syndicate then you don’t need to worry. You will be automatically entered into the
El Gordo draw 2.3 BILLION EUR on 22nd December 2010

Even if you are already playing, why not add another El Gordo syndicate to increase your chances of landing a massive lottery win even more!
If you’re not playing yet you will have to hurry, syndicate spaces are selling at record pace.

Syndicate Spaces are selling fast! Don’t miss out on YOUR SHARE.

Our ingenious system uses 10 different number combinations called “Decimos” to guarantee you’ll win your share of between 1 and 70 cash prizes.

We have used this system for the last 2 years and if you have played before then you’ll already know that EVERY syndicate won, Every player won a share.

Don’t Miss Out

Unlike most lotteries, El Gordo tickets are issued with pre-determined numbers. This means they are limited. So, once they’re gone, that’s it!

Last year we sold out of all our syndicate places in a couple of weeks. Demand was huge!

Remember, “El Gordo” happens only once a year and you can’t play at your local newsagents, but you can here with us! So join today!

Published: 10/21/2010

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